8 Week Online Class 

Are you ready to manifest the abundance you deserve using the most powerful energy available?

Do you know abundance is your birth right? Just like the air, there is more than enough for everyone. However, we often have hidden beliefs that are sabtogaing our desire to have more than enough. Many people fail to create the prosperity they desire because they have blockages caused by financial trauma and inherited disempowering beliefs. 

In this 8 week class, we use the most powerful energy available, sexual energy, along with creating a prosperity mindset to manifest abundance in every area of our life: finances, career, love and health. 

We will also ritualize and plant the seeds to experience a prosperous and abundant 2020! If you wait until New Years Eve to decide what you want to manifest next year, you've missed the BEST time to set your intentions. The time is NOW!

Are you ready to transform your connection to love, money and sexuality? Join us!

Class Dates: October 27th-December 21st

Sign-up and Learn to: 

-Release subsconscious beliefs and past traumas blocking you from manifesting prosperity and abundance.

-Heal blockages in your womb preventing you from using your feminine power to create your life. 

-Develop a prosperity mindset and release patterns of negative thinking.

-Practice simple rituals to invoke divine feminine energies to assist you in manifesting abundance.

-Use the power of sex magic to empower your intentions and goals. 

-Create powerful magical symbols to utilize during your rituals. 

-Make your own yoni steam blend using healing herbs.

-Awaken your chakras and experience more balance, inner peace and wisdom. 

-Release blockages in your yoni and awaken full body orgasms.

-Manifest money, good health, love and success with grace and ease. 

Month 1: Awakening The Goddess Of Abundance Within, Lakshmi and Het Heru.

We begin on the New Moon and sacred holiday of Diwali that celebrates Hindu Goddess of abundance, Lakshmi. 

We connect with Lakshmi and Egyptian Goddess Het Heru through meditation and ritual throughout the month to awaken our inner goddess of abundance. 

Week 1: Clearing and Healing. We release our old money story, and discover hidden blockages. We ritualize and invoke goddess Lakshmi to bless our finances.

Week 2: Awakening and Pleasuring. We learn the spiritual laws of money and wealth creation. We learn ancient Tantric secrets to increase pleasure and orgasmic energy in our lives. 

Week 3: Initiating, discover the power of sex magic. Using mantras, affirmations and sacred symbols, we explore the power of sex magic to manifest abundance. Learn my special DIY Yoni steam recipe and herbs to heal the womb.

Week 4: Invocating. We learn to use the power of visualization and desire to magnetize abundance.

Month 2: Activating The Chakras and Yoni For Prosperity and Pleasure

This month, we connect the sacred sex magic work we've been doing with our yoni egg, and focus on creating balance in our chakras. We end with special cleansing ceremonies to manifest a powerful and prosperous 2020. 

Week 1: Chakra Clearing and Activation. We learn to balance our chakras and awaken them for more prosperity, love and to become multi-orgasmic. 

Week 2: Yoni Awakening. We will awaken and de-armour our yoni (vagina) by utilizing the yoni egg. We will incorporate the yoni egg into our sex magic work to release blockages and create more abundance.  

Week 3: Full Sacred Sex Magic Ritual. We will combine all we have learned in a culminating full sacred sex magic ritual (solo) during the full moon.  

Week 4: Being The Abundant Goddess. We will review our work for the past 8 weeks, create a clear vision and plan for 2020. Goddesses will receive instructions for fasting, cleansing, and rituals for the Winter Solstice (December 21st-24th) that will clear the path for a powerful and prosperous 2020.  

Sign-up now and receive these bonuses:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill e-book
  • The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattle e-book
  • Yoga and Qi Gong Video For Creative Energy and Feminine Flow

Program includes private Facebook group and accountability partners for maximum results.  

*This program is delivered through weekly email exercises and videos, and 4 live group coaching calls. Each month, we have our call at, or around the New Moon and Full Moon. (2 calls total a month)




Normal price: $397  

Pay In Full: $175  

Split Payment: $97 (two payments)  

Weekly Payment: $27 (8 payments)  


Your instructor:

Lady Shepsa Jones, Sacred Femininity Healer  

I am Lady Shepsa, a teacher, author, life coach, mother and “juju woman”—one who taps into her magical powers for healing and manifestation.  

After experiencing a life changing divorce, I set out to discover the sensual goddess within me. I have spent over ten years studying the spiritual sciences of the African Diaspora, China and India.  

When I discovered the goddess in these ancient traditions, my life transformed! I went from being rigid, and sexually repressed, to dancing on stage in booty shorts and fishnet stockings and becoming full body orgasmic!  

Since learning to unlock my bliss, I have guided many other women to awaken their inner goddess through my coaching programs and healing retreats in Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Bali.  

I am the author of two books, The Goddess Pages and Happy and Healed, Five Steps to Getting Over Any Man and Finding the Love You Deserve. I am also a certified i2Tantra practitioner with JujuMama LLC, a certified yoga teacher, and certified Sacred Femininty Facilitator through Tao-Tantric Arts. I am also a licensed massage therapist. I welcome you to let go and let goddess!